Openhab on Raspberry pi 3 model B+

Hi Guys,

I recently started to use/practise with openhab on a RB pi. I have installed the openhabian. I have choosen the standard package. So now I have some small questions. I have “installed” the Velbus binding. After making a bridge(with VMB1USB.) and a thing(for example VMB4RYLD). I can change the position of channel 1 of the VMB4RYLD but nothing happens. I think I forgot something about sitemaps??

My goal is to easily control my velbus installation. Any suggestions are welcome…
I have also read something about stefCoene’s Velserver.

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I think this is more of an openHAB2 question.

I’m sure it’s nothing too serious.

If you post your question in the openHAB2 community page and post the link here, there will be a lot more people available to help you.

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I have openhab Running, but it took me about two weeks tot really understanding how it’s working. It runs now about 6 months and run fine. But i don’t know enough to help you.

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I think you first have to activate the items for each channel: