Openhab on Raspberry Pi syncing time/date on 'Velbus'-bus


Since I was able to enable Openhab and Velbus I was wondering how an automatic time/date sync could be done from the Pi to the Velbus system. Is there a command able to do this?

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I’m reliably informed that it’s on the to-do list.

When creating ‘my’ scripts (, I included the option to sync the date and time.
I do this every night at 4 o’ clock so the time is corrected after it changed due to daylight saving.

I also added an option that loops all glass panels and configure them so they transmit the temperature every 60 seconds.
In my setup, some of the glass panels forget these settings after a while.


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I’ll check it after this sunny WE :wink:

Enjoy your WE and thanks again for your helpful replies.


Hi Stef,

just to make things clear to me…

After I upgraded to Openhab 2.3 on the pi, I enabled the Velbus binding 2.3.0 Snapshot This is probably not the same binding as in your Velserver (see above)? So this means that in this 2.3.0 Velbus binding no time sync will be done?

Thanks for your time.

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where can I find the script to reset the temperature settings, Greetings Joram

I’m told that time updating is under test right now :slight_smile:
As are plenty of other great features…

Looking forward to it Steward. Thanks for sharing this information.

Big thanks also to the developers!

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Hi Jona

Have you tried any of Cedricb’s recent versions of the OpenHab2 Velbus binding?

I believe that time & date updating has been in there for quite some time now.



Hi Stuart,

Haven’t seen your latest reply because found it in my spam folder today…:scream:
Believe I tried the one of 1 month ago. Can’t test it right now because I’m on holidays for 1 month in Canada. Will download latest version upon arrival home. Cedric confirmed you the time and date update in the latest version?

Will let you know when it works.

Thanks as always for your kind help!!!


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Hi guys

Any news on this? Also, how can I set this up?
I’m still relatively new to OpenHAB :blush:



Time updating for Velbus within openHAB2 is taken care of by either of the Velbus Bridge Things.

If you want to adjust the update interval, it’s in the “Show More” section of the bridge.

If you want a stand alone app for Velbus time updating, @jeroends has written a great little app that runs alongside his VelServ TCP server.


:thinking: :man_facepalming:
I have seen that time update interval and never made the connection… :blush:

Thanks !

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While we’re talking about the Velbus Bridge Thing…
Thanks to your help in another post I got the Velbus Network Bridge running.
But when I reboot my rpi the connection is lost, so I have to enter the IP address + port again (
Maybe I can make a Velbus Network Bridge Thing “hard-coded”, so not in Paper UI, but in what’s-it-called-where-you-make-your-own-things-so-you-can-use-them-in-eg-Habpanel?
Or would you know another reason why I have to enter that IP every time the rpi reboots?


I wouldn’t have admitted to that, which proves you’re a better person than me :wink:

That’s never happened to any of the setups I’ve created, on all kinds of machines.

The only person I know that is running a network bridge on a Pi is @RossJe
And as he hasn’t said anything, I’ll assume it’s all working perfectly.

Is there anything else in your setup that behaves strangely after a reboot?

:thought_balloon: is it only after a reboot, or does an openHAB2 restart have the same result?

As for hard coding, (PaperUI stores everything in a JSON file in /var/lib/openhab2 so it should be protected / backed up on each restart) you can look at creating a Text Things file for the Network bridge, but as someone on the forum says regularly, “its better to find the fault, than create work arounds” :wink:

As a thought, the next time you have to enter the details, as soon as it’s working.
Run these commands to make sure there is a zip backup and a backup of the JSON files.

systemctl stop openHAB2

This will stop openHAB2 and create JSON backups

openhab-cli backup

This will create a Zip file of your whole config

systemctl start openhab2

This will restart openHAB2 for you


No, not really…

Did the stop-backup-start
Same problem.

As you can see, blank…

Edit → Just saw that the time interval (which I changed to 60) is set back to 360.
So the entire Velbus Network Bridge seems to be a/the problem…

That’s really strange.

What happens if you create a whole new network bridge ?

(Don’t bother linking it to anything, just create a bridge (with a slightly different name) and see if it resets after a restart)

systemctl restart openhab2

Did what you suggested

Result :smile:

So there’s an issue in the JSON file for the first Velbus bridge :slight_smile:

Now just edit each (sorry, can’t think of a way around this) of your Velbus Things and get them to use your new bridge.

Then delete the original one.

Please let me / us know if that works after a reboot / restart