OpenHab,Velbus and Google Home

My Problem; I Can’t link OpenHAB with Google Home
I’m running OpenHab 2.5.1 on an old W10 pc. Everything is running without any problems for a while now. I have added the OpenHAB Cloud connector.
The status on is Online and I can use the myopenhab interface on my phone to control my house from anywhere.
No problem there. The problem I’m experiencing is when I try to link OpenHab to my Google Home.
I log in, authorise access, but OpenHAB is not being added as a service.

I build’ my whole setup simply using PaperUi and connected all modules using the VeldusBinding. Every module in the house is shown in my “Things”. I saw several video’s of people who succeeded in connecting to googlehome using "Tags"behind their “Items”, but i cannot find where i should do that? I didn’t use a texteditor for setup,just the paperUi. Is there an other way to connect all my "things"to google Home so i can see them in my Google home app?Or a simple way to generate Items of my build so i can put "tags"behind them?


It looks like you are really close to getting everything working.

You do indeed need to add tags to your openHAB2 Items.

I found the best way to do this is to use the Rest Documents UI in openHAB2. Just open up the Items section and look at the bottom for the Tag tools.

As this is very much an openHAB2 issue, rather than a specific Velbus issue, may I suggest you look at the openHAB2 community forum?

These links might help

It’s a long read, but it does have all the answers you’re looking for.
(You can always use the search tool and restrict results to that thread)

It’s also possible to use the Karaf console to add / remove tags.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thats a lot of reading stuff indeed!. I wil install the Rest Doc Gui at first and try to find all the answers in your provided links. thanks for so far and i i’ll letyou know.

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Hey Koert,

That’s a great post you’ve put in the openHAB2 community forum, it really goes into detail about the situation you’re in.

I hope we can all find a solution for you.