Options to configure a dimmer using Velbuslink

Hi again,

What’s the purpose of all actions in the configuration panel of a dimmer?

Several are clear to me, but other are not:

  • Clear: put to 0% ?
  • Set: ?? dim to a certain amount? How to set the value?
  • Toggle: toggles between 0 and 100%
  • Dim: short press = toggles between off and previous %
  • Slider: ??
  • Dim up: ? (not tested yet)
  • Dim down: ? (not tested yet)
  • Atmospheric: dim to an atmospheric dim value? how to set the value? There must be a link with the “Atmosphereic Dimvalues” node? please explain.

The manual does not include this screen :frowning:
I hope you can explain all options.


Please check the manual of the dimmer module for more info regarding these modes.

The ‘slider’-option is implemented for future use. At this time, there are no slider devices available.

I did check all pdf’s but could not find any info on this.

I’m especially intrested in knowing how the atmospheric settings work using the Velbuslink.

Here’s what I want to do:
I have 2 dimmers set at mode 3 (memory function).
I have 2 buttons set to dim/toggle those dimmers by assigning the ‘Dim’ action. This works fine.
I have one button to put both dimmers off: I assigned the ‘clear’ action, which works fine.
I want one last button to put both dimmers back to their memory position. I can not find what action to assign for that. I tried ‘toggle’, but this toggles them between 0% and 100%. Is this possible?

A short press on the buttons assigned to the ‘Dim’ action toggles the light between 0% and the last used dim setting.

To use atmospheric dim settings, assign a button to the ‘atmospheric’ action and set the corresponding ‘atmospheric dimvalues’

I don’t get it … there’s only one ‘atmospheric’ action, so how do I assign one of the ‘Atmosphereic Dimvalues’ to it? (using velbuslink)



For starting, atmospheric value is not the memorized value of the dimmer.
The momorized value can only be recalled with a switch assigned the function DIM.
For atmospheric setting, you can assign 14 buttons that each call up a different( or the same if you like ) sphere.
eg in the cofiguration panel of the dimmer you have the section atmospheric. in this section you can assign buttons that recall atmospheric setting. The first button in the collum recalls the first setting of the sphere( here you have to go to the page that assigns brightness to a button) . You have 14 settings of brightness for 14 buttons.