OR Function with timed circuit

Hi, I need the same light circuit, receiving comand from both ON (and separate OFF) and also a TIMED command (from Doorbird detector) to REMAIN ON, when the timed circuit goes OFF.
I just haven’t been able to find how to do it, since the OR function seems to only work with MOMENTARY command to a relay. There’s a Homecenter unit and I also didn’t make it work. I deeply appreciate any help here, please.
Thanks, JJS

Hi, is there anyone that can help, please? Thanks

Hi JayS,

Did you already tried the FAQ pages of the velbus site?
There is a specific document explaining the setup for different logical functions.

Just an idea:
If this is not working for you, maybe you could try to use the “forced on/off” functions with the switches.
And a normal “follow” for the doorbird. If the light is already forced, this will have no effect.
If it wasn’t on, it will follow your doorbird signal.
If you would use the switch, the “forced on” will have priority.
The solution above was not tested by myself, so you might have to play around a little with the idea.

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Hi CrazyBird and thanks for the time spent with this tip (effectively support, from a “volunteer”?).
Yes, it works now, thanks for your info.
Forced on/ cancel forced on, Doorbird with momentary and no “external override” did it.
So, my personal conclusion is - solution so simple that I should know, right? Reason why not many bother to reply? Shouldn’t there be some comment from any Vellmann support person, as a manufacturer, maybe even to suggest taking a seminar?
It’s really hard for me to understand support, based on “volunteers”. As far as my supplier’s support, it works, as long as he understands my english, something requiring some effort.
Once again, thanks for your time and attention with me. Best Regards and keep safe. I’m in Portugal, should you ever come down, I’ll be glad to show you around. THANKS


It’s not that “few people” replied, it’s simply that the answer that was given was perfect, so what could I add?

Thanks MDAR for your input. Of course the answer was perfect, nothing else was required after. The question is, how long it took to get an answer, I can’t stop thinking that I had to request again for someone (to please) answer. See how long you took to reply to my thanks post to CrazyBird? I have clear that you have helped me before, I really appreciate any help I can get, since it means that I’m not able to solve my difficulties, no matter how simple they may be to an experienced installer. Unfortunately for me, I don’t do enough Velbus to gain experience (and rational thinking it seems!) with it.
Again, I’m really grateful to anybody that takes their time to help me.

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