Our latest DIY pushbuttons - a photo

We made all our lightswitches around the house using wooden faceplates (desktop CNC, then painted white) and metal pushbuttons.

Our latest addition was for the left & right sides of a wall-bed. Each side can control a reading light, and the room lights, and there is an “ALL-OFF” also.

There is very little clearance here when the bed folds up so the faceplate and buttons needed to be very low-profile. The solution was to buy an off-the-shelf dual button switch, throw away the insides and replace with velbus VMB8PBU. We also enlarged the holes and fitted low-profile dome-head push-buttons. I am rather pleased with the result…

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Nice !

You are not Andrew Till, are you? Because there is a Youtube channel “Mr. EV.” that is run by Andy Till and it has the same color as your “E” and it says “EVAndy”. I like his channel quite a lot, very useful real world EV reviews.

My wife likes an “ALL ON” near the bed for when burglers break in. We had a break-in in 2014 and another one à year later, Albenians. They are behind bars now.

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Hello PD
No, I am not AndrewTill.
The EV is actually short for our last home address… though we have moved a few years ago so it is not really relevant any more. I am coincidentally an EV fan though so I will check out that Youtube channel.

We have several All-Off and Room-off as well as Upstairs-off and Downstairs-off.
I was wondering about maybe adding sort sort of All-on also.