Peer review a "how to" installation video

Hello @everyone

As part of my / our push into training installers & students, we need to create a really simple video that shows how elements are installed.

The aim is that this video be less than 90 seconds, ideally ~60 seconds.

Regardless of your experience of Velbus, if you’re an end user or a full time installer, can I ask you to watch this draft and give your honest opinion.

The heaters shown will be changed and lowered to the floor.

Later videos will be targeted at HVAC / plumbers and explain more about what’s going on.
I just want to get the message across that Velbus is easy and isn’t just for lighting.

Many thanks in advance for every single bit of your time and thoughts.

Let’s make “Makes Life Easy” really mean something to everyone.

Red line = lighting / fan / window power radials
Blue line = Velbus cable
Yellow line = heating control


Great idea! The video looks good! My comments:

  1. I think the camera is moving too fast. I know what I’m looking at, but I still have a problem to follow the action.
  2. The cable colours are confusing unless you stick a legend or give some verbal explanation. Initially I couldn’t tell what is what. I still don’t know what is the yellow cable for.
  3. I just learned that maybe I should keep all power cables running to one place with velbus gear. Was that the intent?
  4. Music or voice in the background is a must. Maybe some royalty free music is out there waiting for this video?

Thanks Prezmo

Yes, my thoughts too.
This is the first draft, just to get us off the starting grid.

Yes, I asked for different colours.
I will add a legend and voiceover.

Yellow cable is for the heating control… Ummmmm
More work needed there

Yes yes yes


Or as many cabinets as needed.

Yes, that’s all for the last stages

Thanks a million

Keep the comments coming :smile:

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Is heating control over velbus?

Ohhhhhh yeah

As can cooling be controlled

Every Velbus glass panel has a full HVAV thermostat built in :wink:
Which is the important message I want to get across

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This is my final edit