Philips Hue Bridge required with Signum IOT module


I am considering to integrate Philips Hue lamps in my current Velbus home automation system.
For this I will need the Signum IOT gateway (VMBSIG20) so Velbus can communicate with these lamps.

My question: Do I still require the Philips Hue Bridge if I have the Signum IOT module?


Do you own a Signum already?

No, I still have to buy one

In that case

May I suggest you look at buying a reasonable Linux machine, like an Odroid C4 or Raspberry Pi_4 and load HomeAssistant or openHAB onto it.

Then you’ll get all the Velbus functionality and access to >2500 other systems.

I can supply you with a working image of openHAB or HomeAssistant for an Odroid C4 or even a complete unit, if that helps you.

There is…

If you want a machine delivered to you and have someone remotely manage the whole experience for you, to get you whatever you want from it. (HomeAssistant based solution)

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Yeah, you will need a Philips Hue bridge to connect to.

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I’ve been looking at your suggestion. I know my way around Linux and setting up an Odroid does not seem difficult.

  • Will I still require a Philips Hue Bridge? I believe not?

Right now I need to connect a USB cable from my Velbus system to my laptop if I want to make configuration changes.
Would this mean I’d have to connect the USB cable from my velbus system to my Odroid and add the integration from the Home Assistant Application?


Unfortunately, yes.

You need to link your Hue devices to a Hue hub, then get openHAB / HomeAssistant to interact with that hub.

I’ve done this for a customer and it works quite well.

DietPi is a really easy solution.

It’s menu offers HomeAssistant and openHAB.

It’s just the Velbus-tcp gateway that will be an extra, but my Snap install script makes light work of that

Yes, exactly so

But… when you want to make any changes to your Velbus hardware, you only need to choose the TCP/IP connection option in Velbuslink, to the Velbus-tcp gateway app

Happy to help if needed.


I’ve been looking further into this case. I bought myself an Intel NUC, i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256 SSD drive. Should get the work done + a lot more :slight_smile:
Once I got it i’ll setup Ubuntu server, Home Assistant and Velserv. Still gotta buy my lamps, as I have another question I need to be certain about:

Will I be able to control my lamps with my switches? I have 2 VMB6PBN and all the others are VMB8PBU siwthces

Don’t feel like having to manipulate my lamps with my mobile phone the entire time

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That’s certainly a solid option.

If you put DietPi on it, the HomeAssistant setup will be a lot easier, as it’s an option in the DietPi-Software menu.

As for VelServ, as much as it’s amazing.

The Velbus-tcp official Snap package is a breeze to install.

Yes, absolutely, with or without led feedback if you wish.

I know how it’s done in openHAB and NodeRed, I assume it’s a simple process in HomeAssistant.

Logic would be something like

Velbus button press = PRESSED

Check state of Hue item
Send the appropriate command.

You can do funky stuff with long_press or release, depends on how much work you want to do.

Separate rule for led feedback.

State change in Hue
Send appropriate feedback command.
On / off / slow flash etc etc

@MDAR : thanks for your reply, will have a look at DietPi as well.

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