Philips Hue integration

Does anybody have experience with Hue integration?
It would be nice to trigger Hue lighs/scenes/… with Velbus controllers.

Any thoughts on this?


As this is a very old post, I assume you’ve found a solution?

If so, what did you use?

A solution today would be to use something like OpenRemote to translate the events within your Velbus network into actions in your Philips Hue devices.

Philips Hue in OpenRemote -±+Philips+Hue

Velbus in OpenRemote - … o±+Velbus

Sample rule to trigger events :-

[code]package org.openremote.controller.protocol;

global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.CommandFacade execute;

import java.util.*;

rule “GPO button 4” when

Event( source == “GPO_Button_4”, value == “pressed” )


    execute.command("Philips _Hue_RGB", "ff0000"); // Uncomment to send command


Any updates on this?
There must be some thinkers having a solution for this? :slight_smile:

In the meantime I have my own implementation: I’ve created a NodeJS solution running on a Raspberry Pi.
The VMB1USB is plugged in the Pi and communicates over a serial connection. It also is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable, allowing to communicate with the Philips Hue API.

Then I have a few very basic classes that can listen to commands over the bus and send actions to Hue.
I’m working on a better implementation right now but as a proof of concept I’m very happy with it: it runs for 3 months nonstop and it never failed up till now! Rock-solid: I never had to restart it :wink:

Here’s the git:

Does anybody know of an existing javascript/nodejs API for Velbus? I wrote an API in Actionscript, 7 years ago, so doing that over in JS is not that difficult. But we don’t want to reinvent the wheel again, do we? :stuck_out_tongue: