PIRO "light" state

Hi, for a necessary logic function, I need to have the state of the LIGHT output of the PIRO:

  • I’ve copied the lighting circuits to virtual channel
  • I’ve copied the channels that are regulated (inhibited during daylight) in the LIGHT function, to a virtual channel
  • I can operate the virtual channels (on/off) but nothing happens with the virtual channel created for the LIGHT circuit

Since I don’t know where to go from here, any help, please? Thanks

Good morning - any suggestions, please?

Do you work with virtual BUTTONS or virtual RELAYS?

Virago, thanks for your interest. I’m working with virtual relay channels

Still no suggestions?
Is there any Velbus staff dedicated to support or there’s only volunteers?
When will there be a product seminar in English?


I’d like to help, but I think I need a little more information about what you’re trying to achieve.

Your original post doesn’t really explain what you want.

As for a product seminar in English, I run them as often as possible (which is difficult right now in reasonable numbers. As in Room hire costs Vs attendance.)

Are you a professional installer located in the UK ?
If so, PM me and I’ll see what I can arrange in your area.

Best wishes,

Thank you for filling in your profile a bit, I should have looked first.

We can arrange a video / zoom / Skype / Google hangouts / YouTube awareness session in English if that helps.

What would you like to know and we can work on some content

Thanks for your time and attention, Stuart.
Curiously, I’m getting responses from installers, not from Velbus staff, this is a strange situation to me, not usual regarding product support (of other manufacturers). As you have seen, not in the UK!
Getting back to my issue, I have 2 groups of lights:

  • 1 is activated by VP01 north (timed to 3 min. on)
  • 1 is activated by VP01 south (timed to 3 min. on)
  • both are activated by PIRO (motion LD, timed to 5 min) which is forced off during daylight
  • 2 buttons for manual control of all, 1 ON, 1 OFF
  • 1 buttons for manual control of all, toggle

Real scenario :
- PIRO allows lights to come on (night)
- keypad button is pressed to turn on group of lights that is also activated by VP01
- VP01 cell detects presence and “activates” lights that are already on
- once VP01 timer ceases (3 min) it turns lights out (that were intended to remain on by keypad button pressed.

I have this issue with 2x VP01 and associated lights, and PIRO MOTION LD also affects both groups.
Therefore, my problem is HOW TO use the PIRO LIGHT state with the required logic, to continue to regulate the state of lighting (daylight/off, nght/on) (which is working without the logic).

Was I able to provide the adequate info? Thank You

That’s because we are a happy team of installers & distributors etc that are happy to support each other.

For example, I offer full support directly to our UK network.

Why should it be “just” the manufacturer who has to offer support?

I think I get what you are aiming for.

So which actions have you used?

If the PIR’s are set to 0104 (Momentary) with external override activated, where the PIR pressed event times out after x minutes.
and the push buttons have a 0103 (Toggle) action (or a button each for 0101 (ON) and 0102 (OFF))

That should work as you suggest, where the manual override button takes priority,

However, if the PIRs are using Timer actions, then that might explain your confusion.

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Thank You so much, Stuart, for your time and support.
Regarding my support comment - when it comes out of a forum, well, “everybody is in”, including manufacturer. What I’m not used to, is that it takes too long for anybody to even ask for more details, or simply mention “un-understandable”. Since I’m not in your territory, aparently in “nobody’s land”, I come to have a stronger appreciation for your time and knowledge.

So, following your comments:

  • VP01 door entry - I need to time those circuits - I’m using a timed output of the VP01’s, should I use “momentary” to activate some other form of timer, somewhere else on the system?

By the way, this is my 2nd install with Velbus, 86 devices, pretty much on my learning curve.

Thanks again

Good morning

Thanks for the kind words.

I’m just happy to help because the more people that are successful with Velbus will mean more positive words will be passed between customers.

Just add the 0104 between the PIR and the light / relay channel.

The time out should be a parameter within the Velbus PIR.

Is it called “Active duration” ?

But ensure the “external control” box is ticked.

(I don’t have access to a VP01, so can’t double check any of this)

Maybe you should look into becoming a distributor and get me people installing Velbus :wink: