Play a sound with a push-buttom?


I would like to use a simple push-buttom as a bell.
I have VMB8PB, VMB4RYNO, VMB1USB, … and a PC :slight_smile:
My idea is, connecting the push-buttom to the VMB8PB, and use the PC to play the sound.
But how doing that? I don’t Know :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any suggestion or solution?

Thank You

If you have experience with PC programming, you could program a small application that sniffs the bus (via the USB or RS232 to Velbus interface).
Once the correct packet from the doorbell button connected to the pushbutton module is detected, you can launch an MP3 or WAV file via Windows Media Player.
Kind of overkill if you ask me, having a PC running at all times just in case somebody might ring your doorbell, but it can be done. Most likely, you already have a PC running, I assume…

Thank you VEL417 for your answer.

I have no experience with PC programming, so I couldn’t program this application :frowning: but it seems like what I need.
If somebody have already done it or would do it, it will very nice to think at me :stuck_out_tongue:
I could have a pc running for that, but if you have an other suggestion to do it without PC, I will please to hear it :slight_smile:

Thx … be&lang=en

Simple pushbutton and bell…

epic! :slight_smile:

It is indeed an epic problem-solving doorbell, if Velbus is not a requirement :slight_smile:

Thank you Vel448 :slight_smile:

but I prefer to play a sound by the pc :slight_smile:
So if someone have create a software or anything else, I am interesting :slight_smile: