Power cables


as I’m not an electricity pro, I am not aware of the possibilities and limitations that come with wiring the Velbus.
Following this forum, Cat5 cable is suggested for a Velbus wiring. Since Cat5 contains 8 wires (afaik), only 2 of them will be used by the Velbus, does this make 6 redundant wires? Or is there some need for them anyway?
Moreover, how about the Welbus powering wiring: modules as the VMB8PB need to be build in the wall itself and not in the central case, so what cables do you need to pull through the walls for this to operate?
Is there a way to integrate the data and power cables into one cable (or is this a totally wrong idea)?
I do not want to end up with too much cables into the walls, ie 230V, velbus data, velbus power; hence the question.

Velbus uses 4 wires, not 2
2 power wires and 2 data wires.
For reliability, you can use 2 wires for each connection, or at least for the power wiring, to reduce voltage drop over the cable.
We do not recommend to run Velbus and AC over the same cable.

Hi Vel417,

yet I’m aware that velbus uses 4 wires, but my question was actually if it is possible to combine the bus power (DC) and the data into one cable (cat5?), NOT the AC.

This is not a problem.