Presence simulation with Velbus

How is it possible to program a Presence simulation with Velbus to switch on/off the lights on a random time ? I just figured out how to switch the lights on a fixed time but not how to do it on random time .

There is no random programmation in Velbus at this time.
The only option would be through the Home Server, if and when random timing would be implemented in its Logic Module. But it’s not something that’s under development at this moment.
So the simple answer at this time is: it is not an option.

We did it using arduino (10€) and vmb7in .
The “random” logic is done using the arduino it drive vmb7in then its all full velbus.
Its not elegant but cheap and easy solution

If you would care to post a small “howto”, maybe it can benefit others?


I’d be interested to understand how you have achieved this too.

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[quote=“popov”]We did it using arduino (10€) and vmb7in .
The “random” logic is done using the arduino it drive vmb7in then its all full velbus.
Its not elegant but cheap and easy solution[/quote]

Looking forward to hear more on this!

@ Velbus, I think lots of users would appreciate if you put this on the development list.
This should be one of the advantages of a Domotics system…

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I’ve been pondering this…

In short, it is possible to create a random number within OpenRemote and push that into an alarm time, either within OpenRemote, or a Velbus module.

However, random virtual occupancy is a wildly different beast.

One approach might be to record an average day, or series of days.
Then play back that sequence with slight variations to the timings.

However, all that would require a dedicated process / PC / micro PC.

I’d be interested in other people’s thoughts and suggestions.

I think MDAR has a good point. Completely randomizing the lighting does not (necessarily) create a realistic simulation, so one would have to record normal usage for instance, or something of the sort.
We are aware of this, but it is actually not in such high demand as one might think, so it’s not a top priority of Velbus at this moment.

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I would be very interested by a functionality like explained by MDAR!


Hello Christophe,

Which part of my thoughts on this subject are you curious about…



I would be interested by a presence simulation functionality.
I agree that completely randomly turning on and off the lights does not make sense.
But as you said, reproducing a typical day would be useful. For instance, the system could allow recording all actions on lights/screens/… from and to a given time/date. And then this could be reproduced as a scenario.

I have been struggling with this problem for a while to. Every day by sunset I use program1 what means a few LED strips in our salon and our facade lighting automatically start up until whe use our “ALL OUT” button or at 1 o’clock am “ALL OUT” is being executed automatically. But with the holidays comming I was thinking to make a “not at home” button. So on top of the previous action I would start a timer so the kitchen- and dining room light go on not simultaneously for lets say 0.5 hour. Every hour I would start the staircase lights wich already go out after 2 minutes and maybe the garden lights. So this extra actions only work togheter after sunset and as long as 'not at home" is active. I was thinking I need to activate another program(2) to ? Or maybe as long as “n.a.h.” is inactive the timers are suppressed ?


Have you considered putting whatever actions you want into Program Group 3, which used to be called “Holiday”

Then just program buttons to put your whole system into “Holiday” mode (program 3).

This way, your heating / cooling would be dormant too.

Thanks MDAR,

I have already searched and read a lot in the software manual but I didn’t find the possibility to activate a program by a button or program step. At this moment I think I have to go inside the software and activate a program myself. It would indeed be a good solution when the button “Holiday” is active another program get active to. But I diden’t succeed to activate 2 programs the same time ? Another idea Is activate another program on the glass panel when whe leave ?


I’m not sure where the action is mentioned in the manual. :thinking:

Good news is that it’s an easy enough process to add an action that affects module’s program groups.

Choose a button that you’d like to assign an action to as normal.

Create an action.

Press Subject Select and in the list, find the module that contains the program group you want to activate / toggle.

Open up the module and at the top you’ll see “Module Actions”

Use this as the Subject.

Back in the action box, section (09) Programs will list the 3 program groups.

You should be able to do the rest from here :wink:

Speak up if you need any more help.

Good luck.

Hi all

I’ve been pondering the whole Virtual occupancy thing recently.

I’ve discovered a NodeRed resource that works perfectly as a way to record a day’s (selected) activity, which can then be played back on demand.

The sequence can be saved as a text file if you wanted to edit the sequence or save multiple sequences and playback different ones at different times.

I’ve also learnt how to use the same sequencer as a loop player.

If anyone is interested, I’ll create a separate topic and post links and the NodeRed flows.