Problem in existing installation

i have an installation that has been running fine for 4 months now, nothing changed but since a couple of days i expierence strange behaviour.

After some time (not after a fixed period of time) the system can not comunicate with a handfull of modules anymore, about halfe of the modules do not respond to a scan packet anymore.

When i power off the installation and power it back on (the dc current only) everything works fine for some time, and then we get into the same situation and i have to cut the pwoer again

any idea what could be happening?


Interesting problem you have there.

My gut reaction, as everyone else’s here is to ask if you have double & triple checked every single termination in your system?

The problem you describe has all the hall marks of a loose connection somewhere.

I had one on a system that had solid core Cat5 cable, rather than stranded Cat5.

One of the high data cores looked for all the world like it was in correctly, but on close inspection, it was only just making contact.

Please check all your connections and let us know the results.

If the issue is still present, we can offer some other suggestions.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find the issue quite quickly.