Problem with dimmer VMBDMI

I have something very strange with a brand new dimmer module VMBDMI.
The lamps are switching on , off , on ,off endless , even the module has an output set to 0%.

The paramater is set for resistive output , because the dimmer is used with dimable LED lamps of Osram.

I used the same circuit of LED lamps with another dimmer module and everthing works fine.

Any Idea what I can try even more?

This behaviour appears frequently with led lamps: even when the triac is not fired, there is a leaking current through the filter capacitor and so on. This leaking current charges the capacitors of the ledlamps and when the charge is high enough, the power supply of the led lamp starts working until the capacitor is discharged again: you see a brief flash.

It’s not a flash , it’s 3 seconds on , 3 seconds off , and so on .

When I change the module with this strange behaviour by another dimmer module (VBMDMI) everything works fine even on this circuit with the same LED lamps

Can you post the build numbers (firmware version) of both modules please?

Try also writing factory defaults to the module…

firmware version 1201.

I tryed everything , reset to factory setting , update , … nothing works.

But problems solved , I change the dimmer by a new one , and everything works fine now.