Problem with VMBKWH14 - VMB7IN - VMBGPOD


I have a VMBKWH14 installed that shows me my consumption. It has been connected to channel 2 of a VMB7IN and has been configured in Velbuslink to show on a VMBGPOD. Counter has been configured as 1,00 Wh/pulse (=1000 puls(es)/kWh).

A lot of devices are running at this moment (TV, fridge, HVAC, …) but the screen on the VMBGPOD keeps showing “<54W 0.0kWh 0.0kWh”

Could anyone tell me what I might have done wrong as I can’t seem to figure it out.


What does it say on the display of the VMBKWH14 itself?

The display of the VMBKWH14 is showing ±315kWh of usage since installation.

Apparently the VMBKWH14 measures correctly, so the problem would then be either in the connection to the VMB7IN, or in the VMB7IN settings, or in the VMBGPOD settings.

To narrow it further down: in Velbuslink you can see the value of the counter too, on the VMB7IN channel (if necessary, collapse and re-open the channels of the VMB7IN to refresh). What value does it say there?

Velbuslink shows 0,00 mWh | <54,93 W.
I suppose this suggest a problem in the connection between VMBKWH14 and VMB7IN?

So apparently the VMB7IN doesn’t count. Which narrows it down to a wiring problem (check the diagram printed on the VMBKWH14 side), or to a config problem of the VMB7IN, as far as I can see it. Did you write the config correctly? Maybe try a full write of the VMB7IN. (And make sure to use the latest Velbuslink version).

Thank you! The guy who installed the module wired 20 and 21 inverted. Seems to work as it should now (showing W on the VMBGPOD).

Shame on me for not checking this sooner.

No problem, I’m glad it’s fixed. Have fun with your Velbus :slight_smile: