Problems with LEDs installed in parallel with the buttons

Hello everyone, I ask for help I have problems with LEDs installed in parallel with the buttons, they fail and I light up lights or motors connected to the outputs.
I ask if there are LEDs with special features to be installed or if there are no problems?

Thanks for collaboration

Paolo Spagnolo

Is this for the VMB8PBU?
Normally you should use the LEDs provided by Velbus. These are low-current and protected against inverse tension. You can find the current specs on the product pages.

Many Thanks search info with Your Led, yes is VMP8PBU



Just put a small diode in series with each LED :wink:

I saw similar behaviour with an led that didn’t care about polarity.

In some cases, the led will present as a pressed button to the input module.

I hope that helps you.




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