Push-button entrance potential of VMB1LED


I handcrafted my home automation 10 years ago and it works essentially with relais at 220V and I have a technical question about integration - I’d be grateful if you could provide me information that I was unable to find.

I’m up to add some LED devices that work at 12V into the existing system. The dimmer VMB1LED has exactly the behaviour I was searching for, I just have a question about the connection of the push-button. As my current installation workes at 220V all pushbuttons are connected to the 220V potential to trigger the relais. Looking at the connection-plan of the VMB1LED I would like to know if it was possible to put the “- potential” of the push-button interface on 220V alternate current or would this damage the dimmer ?

An image is probably more precise, so here is what I plan to do :
If the push-button interface is seperated galvanically this should be possible I think …

Many thanks for any advice

For safety you may NOT connect any connection of the VMB1LED to the mains, not even to the neutral!