Pushbuttons and VMBRY


I’ve been building a .NET program that simulates a Velbus environment, using a virtual COM port. This way, I managed to successfully connect the Velbuslink software with my virtual system and detect my virtual Velbus modules. The state, type etc are being simulated successfully.
I thought that eg a pushbutton module and eg a dimmer needed to have the same address to react upon each other. However, when I configure these 2 virtual modules at the same address, the first module that responds when scanning will be listed and the other one is simply not seen in the Velbus network tree window. Am I seeing things incorrectly?

Each module must have a unique address…

ok thx

The dimmer and pushbutton module must have a unique address; the dimmer can then be programmed to react to commands from the pushbutton, eg react to specific commands from another address.


I would be very interested in seeing/using your virtual Velbus environment. Are you able and willing to share this?

Kind regards