Pushbuttons conection

is it possible with one pushbutton ,if it’s pushed 1 time to do 1 action en when it’s pushed a second time but for 2 seconds to do another action , or must i take 3 inputs of one pushbutton module parrallel and connect them on one pushbutton and program them that when i push the button 1 action starts (light 70% on), when i push that same button for 2 seconds action 2 starts ( lights 50%, shades closed, …) and when i push the same buttton 3 for 3 seconds action 3 starts ( lights off, shades open ) or will that give some problems

already thanks


for so far as i know this wil not work. the only thing that is possible, is setting the operation mode switch on a dimmer to “4” or “C” ( multi-position dimmer). first press on button switch the lamp on. second press within 5s from first press dims lamp to 75%, next press within 5s dims the lamp to 50%, next press within 5s dims lamp to 25% and so on. press the button when there is more than 5s gap then the lamp will be turned off. if time setting switch on dimmer is set to anything but “0” or “F” will turn the lamp off when time setting is past.

hope this will help you.