Python-velbus library

I created an easy-to-use open-source (license is GPLv3) python library that supports the Velbus protocol. This is the first version of this library and it currently has the following functionality:

  • supported for parsing/creating all message types that can be send and received by the VMB6IN and VMB4RYLD modules (and probably many other modules)
  • support for the Velbus USB controller (the serial controller should work with a one line modification)
  • support for forwarding using the Netstrings protocol (both client/server support are included so you shouldn’t worry about the protocol itself). I use this forwarder to send Velbus messages to a central home automation instance which aggregates message from different protocols).
  • A small additional library to support legacy switches

Feel free to mail/post on this forum if you have any further questions.


Library can be found at: