Question about VMBGPO

I need to understand how it works for address : could this module answer to two or more different addresses ?

One address for 4 buttons, the second for temp sensor ???

Can “temp sensor” and “buttons” share the same address ?
As it support 8 pages (32 buttons), is it necessary to use one address by page or the button format message has change (one bit by button on VMB4PD) ?


The VMBGPO module can have up to five addresses. One address for the temperature sensor, and one address for every 8 buttons.

Thanks, I understand how it works, great :slight_smile:
(sorry for my mistake on the name)


It might also be useful to know that the temperature data can be accessed from the base address, while the heater, Cooler, Boost, Pump and 4 alarm status’ are represented as button events on the 5th address (Sub address 4).

(or sub-address 1 on other VMBGPx units)

As is my understanding :wink:

Button statuses have historically been bit flags, limiting them to 8 buttons. Hence the extra address for every eight buttons.

it’s my opinion too… but I’ve some mistake with VMB1TS (7 bits UP when sending a button status with function byte is $00) and would to have a clear info : is it possible to have button 1 and 3 pressed at same time (so, $00 function show binary button as 00000101 = 5(decimal) ) ?.?

Yes, you will need to loop over every bit to see if it is set.

Great ! thanks you :slight_smile: