Question 'bout a dimmer


For a little while I’m the proud owner of a Velbus Home Automation System. Just recently one of my dimmer modules stopped working.
It still shows a red light in the module and it gets recognized by the computer. So it doesn’t look dead. Yet it just doesn’t react.
By any chance anyone out there with a similar situation?

PS: Thanks guys from Velleman. The Velbus is a dream and a gift for the DIY’er!

Is it still working in manual mode ?
There is a fuse inside, maybe it blew ?
If you do not feel like opening the module, please return it to your distributor or send it to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

If I open the module and push the button directly it doesn’t react.
I will have a look at the fuse. Thank you for the quick response.

What kind of fuse is needed to replace? (so I can pick it up before I go home tonight :slight_smile: )

It’s a 3.15A slow blow microfuse.


Recently another fuse from a another dimmer blew in my installation. (different dimmer, different place in the house).
I think it happens when the lightbulb dies. Does anyone else have the same problem? Or can there be something wrong with my wiring?
The maximum load for the dimmers are respected.

It is normal for the fuse to blow when a lightbulb goes defective and the mains is near its peak of the sinewave at that time.
When the bulb filament melts, a very large current flows, which makes the fuse blow.

I also had this problem for 220V halogen bulbs in my installation. The 12V halogen bulbs with a wire-wound transformer don’t have this problem (the inductance of the transformer dampens the current peaks when a bulb blows) .
Because I had to resolder a new fuse in the same dimmer twice I added an external fuse of 2A fast (sufficient for my purpose and less than the 3.15A internal fuse) by means of a screw terminal fuse holder… I never had to change a fuse (no light bulb blew) again since then, so I don’t know if this is an adequate solution yet, but I guess so…

IMHO it’s a bit unfortunate that the fuse is not accessible externally (e.g. a glass fuse) in the dimmers, especially when the fuse blows practically every time a light bulb blows… Maybe something that can be improved.

Hint: Running 230VAC halogen bulbs at low intensities shortens their life, because the bulb does not get hot enough to make the halogen cycle work. This causes the filament to degrade until it finally breaks…