Reading out thermostat values of a VMBGPOD in Openhab


I’m trying to readout the thermostat values of a VMBGPOD in Openhab but I’m getting only a Null value (see picture below)

When I looked into the Velbuslink I see that the Thermostat seems to have a different address 1A (see next picture)


What is the right address now to create an OH Item?

Number:Temperature ThermostatCURRENTTEMPERATURESETPOINT “Current temperature setpoint” {channel=“velbus:vmbgpod:551ba95b:15:thermostat#CURRENTTEMPERATURESETPOINT”}


Number:Temperature ThermostatCURRENTTEMPERATURESETPOINT “Current temperature setpoint” {channel=“velbus:vmbgpod:551ba95b:1A:thermostat#CURRENTTEMPERATURESETPOINT”}

In both cases I’m getting a Null

The idea is to read them out and create an OH widget.

BTW : I’m running OH openHAB 2.5.6-2 and Velbus binding: 2.5.11.

Thank you for your help!!


Nobody who can help me anyfurther?

Hi Jona

Just a quick question…

When you ran the update for openHAB via the APT command, did you see the “Breaking Update” message?

Evening Stuart,

As far as I can remember I updated OH some time ago via the Config Tool. Did not notice any Breaking update message or whatsoever.

What is that breaking update message saying?

Thank again you for your help!

regards Jona


One of two things are going on here.

  1. The latest bug fix that Cédric has pushed through hasn’t made it to 2.5.11, where all TCP packets were being blocked.

  2. The channel names have changed to camelCase, instead of FULLCAPITALS

Are you able to see any other Bus updates within openHAB

As in, if you switch a light on via a Velbus panel, does the state change in openHAB2?

Hi Stuart,

Yes the Openhab state is changing when I press a button on a Velbus panel.So this seems to be OK.

I downloaded version 2.5.11 because a previous version did not read out the trigger outputs on the VMBPIRO. Now this works in the 2.5.11 but not the motion outputs on the VMBPIRO. But that is another issue see: Triggering Motion outputs VMBPIRO in OpenHab?
What is the latest stable and updated Velbus binding released by Cedric? Sometime it is hard to have an overview of what version works with what version of OH.

Will check the CamelCases issue too on Wednesday and I will come back to you.

Many thanks for your reply so far,



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Hi again Stuart,

No luck with the CamelCases so far. Return value stays Null.

Can you give a bit explaination on:

“The latest bug fix that Cédric has pushed through hasn’t made it to 2.5.11, where all TCP packets were being blocked”

What version does have this latest bugfixes?

When I retrieve from the Paper UI the thermostat setpoints the setpoint is in capitals.


Does this means I’m using the wrong or not the latest binding?

Many thanks,


In the meantime I upgraded OH to version 2.5.10 and I’m using the Velbus binding 2.5.10 that came with the OH upgrade.
Still no return of any thermostat value in Visual studio code.

Regards Jona

Okay, so you’re jumping ahead before I can reply to a message.

Given that you now know there is a breaking change when moving to the latest Velbus binding, which may or may not contain a bug in the Network Bridge (Cédric has fixed the bug, we just don’t know if the fix has been pulled into the main branch yet, I suppose I will have have to test it on a fresh setup)
Yes, Velbus binding version 2.5.10 does contain the bug fix for the network binding

What you’ll have to do now, is delete the Velbus Things and add them again in PaperUi.

This is to ‘re-profile’ them, so that they show their channels with camelCase and take on any new functionality.

One other thought that occurred to me is…

Have you removed the Jar file from the addons folder, before loading the binding from PaperUI?

Then, did you ensure that no artifact of the older binding is still present?

Use kafaf to reveal which and how many Velbus bindings you have active / installed.

openhab-cli console

Password is habopen

Within the console, run either of these commands, to show the bindings and their states and version numbers.


bundle:list | grep Velbus

To exit the console, type logout

Okay, so I have quickly setup a completely fresh machine with openHAB2.5.10 and used PaperUI to install the Velbus binding.

The results are all good and it looks like the bug fix for the Network Bridge has been incorporated. (this test was done with a Network Bridge, via VelServ)

This is what I can see from a room thermostat
(Which is the important stuff that proves the Velbus network is able to pass data back to openHAB

The Things channels look like this

And just to confirm, this is what Karaf console is showing for the Velbus binding

Many thanks for your excellent support Stuart. I will test this in the WE and I’ll reply to you.

Greetz Jona

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Hi Stuart,
Bought a new PI4 and I installed OH from scratch and now I’m getting the thermostat values of VMBGPOD :wink:. Your idea of setting up a fresh setup was the solution to my problem.

One last question…

The thermostat values can be read now as a number. Can they also be set (decreased/increased) e.g. using a widget. Would like to setup them in a HABpanel.

Thanks YOU very much for your wisdom :wink:

Best regards,


PS: tried also to use the light depended motion outputs of the WMBPIRO but they aren’t triggering when then should


Sounds like you’re progressing nicely.

Sure, everything is possible.

There are lots of widgets out there that will do the trick.

I’ve put a couple into this zip file.

Good luck

Great Stuart. I’ll will check it when I have some time.
Right now I didn’t use the thermostat functions of the Velbus glass panels because I didn’t have a heating system with zone valves. Next year we are renovating our house and also the heating system. What is on my mind now is controlling the thermostat features from a tablet (widgets) but if you wanna program the day and week programs can this be done from a tablet (read openhab)? Would like to have a week program view on a tablet so I can change the heating hours of every zone fast and easily rather than setting up this in the glass panels. It’s just my thought. Is this a good idea or would you recommend to stick with the Velbus panels for day and week programming of the heating system? I don’t have a lot of experience working this way.

Just curious what type of valves you can recommend?

Many thanks for all your efforts in this forum!!


That’s all possible.

As we’re getting off topic, send me a PM / WhatsApp / email and I’ll happily share my thoughts.

Good luck