Recommendations for large din rail box?

Encouraged by recent help from this forum, I have another question. I would like to know recommendations for large DIN rail boxes suitable for UK residential installation.

My current project will have about 60x VMBDMI-R and 2x VMB4RYNO on the DIN rail. I have broken this into 3 panels for wiring convenience (at each end and middle of loft space, about 10m apart).

My largest panel has 27x VMBDMI + 1x VMB1RYNO. ie. equiv of 56 standard module widths.
PLUS I will need to add DC PSU and each panel should ideally also have an isolation switch (another two module width) and RCD/RCBO (another two).

I am struggling to find suitably large DIN rail cabinets. With recent changes in UK wiring regulations this cabinet also really needs to be metal/fireproof. I can find metal residential consumer-units with 20 module width and even with two such rails but that is still not quite enough. Maybe there is something better?


I think the installers I sell to create their own din rail cabinets from large lockable metal cabinets.

Alternatively, they use something like these -

I can give a couple a call to ask what they use.


I’ve spoken to an installer in Ireland, who says he always uses the Hager range of modular panels.

I think he means this type, shown here as the 66 din, 3 rail version :-

That looks just the job. I shall get a sample to check out. Thanks!

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