Recommended Wire/Cable

What is the recommended wire/cable to be used for velbus? Is cat5 suitable? What consideration needs to be given to RFI?

Many Thanks

The bitrate of the velbus system is 16kbit/s. Cat5 cable can be used.


Would EIB 2x2x0,8mm² cable (J-Y(ST)Y) be suitable/advisable for velbus communication?

Could you be somewhat more precise about what the recommended cable actually is? eg what type of cable is used in the Velleman building for velbus communication as referred to in an earlier post? cfr



Is it required that the wires for the communication bus is crossed? I notice that I have used 8x0,2 mm² but I don’t think that the cables are crossed like in CAT5 cabling.

Cables are not that long, do you think that it will pose a problem?

In the Velleman building EIB 2x2x0.8mm2 cable is used.
Twisted pair is the best solution but i think it’s no problem into your application if the distance is not to long. The CAN protocol is very robust.

I will do the necesarry testing… Think the cables will be maximum 10m or so.
The 8 wires I will bundle them in pairs so that I have 4x0,4mm². I see in the manual that 0,5 is required. Will this be a problem for a signal cable?
For the 12V cabling I don’t see anywhere mininum requirements?