Remote control

I want to install a VelBus system in my house (upgrade from K8006 modules now).

Is it today already possible to control the bus via remote control, either RF of IR? I have a Philips Pronto remote control and it would be great that you could control the modules via this remote control.


There will be an infrared remote stick (VMBIRTS) available soon wich works together with de pushbutton/timer module (VMB4PD).
You can learn these codes into the Pronto remote control.

If I have multiple VMB4PD’s, will there be a stick per podule, or can 1 stick control multiple ones depending on which one u direct the beam?

Besides that, I didn’t plan to install the VMB4PD’s since I have everywhere in my house already (Niko) pushbuttons which I want to connect to the VMB8PB.

Or is it so that I need to install only one VMP4PD to be able to put IR signals on the bus and then controll all other modules on their specific addresses?


One stick controls one VMB4PD with a maximum of 8 possible channels.