Resolution of VMBGPO screens

i have a problem with the configuration of VMBGPO.
the result of the personal settings of the differents OLED screens are’nt good resolution !
when i modify then default settings ‘Chan.1…Chan.2…’ etc, i receive something with the text wanted but also bad pixels !!
when i send a bitmat file to the VMBGPO…the screen is’nt realy the same of the original !?
thanks for answer,

Be careful with the format of the image, simplest way is to save the default bitmap to a file, edit it, and load it back into your module.

This will make sure you have the correct width, height, format and color depth.

i have used the Velbuslink configuration settings of the VMBGPO…on the general tab, with the “open bitmap editor” button !
i suppose that’s the simply way to correctly modify the text without fault!
i can try your solution this evening…thanks for your answer (perhaps on another VMBGPO)

kind regards

for a better understanding, i have posted the pictures of configuration & result…

I am unable to view the images so I’m still quite confused as to what the problem is exactly. Is it the font that you don’t like?

sorry for the images, normaly they are now available!

no no, isn’t the font, but the result on the display of VMBGPO. some bad pixels appear into the text…
i hope that it is clearer with the images

for information, il send the configuration through the Wifi …VMBHIS & VMBRSUSB…
may be safest directly with the USB cable (PC<>VMBRSUSB) !?


My personal opinion is that an USB cable is always better. Also, be sure to do a complete write, don’t just write changes (this is probably the cause of the problem).

yesterday evening, I sent the configuration directly by the usb cable and the problem is gone!
So, probably a problem with the communication and the datas transfer…
i made several tests and the VMBGPO work now correctly.
i tested to send just the changes and it’s also correct.

thanks for your help,

I’m glad everything is working now. Using an USB or RS232 cable is always more robust for heavy traffic like reading or writing memory.

I’ve had the same problem with a new VMBGPO and doing a full write (uncheck “only write changes”) solved the problem.