Rs232 velbus lutron

I need help …
I’m triying to control a VMB1LED, sending RS232 command with a LUTRON processor in a VMB1RS.
I can’t find the good writing for the packets RS232 in the soft LUTRON.
I tried to copy the raw seen with the velbus link software, successless…

If someone already control velbus with a LUTRON system, i’m interested !



You can find everything you need on . Go to downloads and select vmbrs. read all the pdf-files. you can also find info about all the current modules.
Normally you use velbuslink 8 to configure your modules. If you can do some programming then you can write your own program.

Hope this will help you.


After some searching on the internet about Lutron is my conclussion that Lutron and velbus aren’t compatible.