Safe - standby - comfort III

Hi everyone,

I am working with programs and programs… and was wondering why a cross combination of safe/standby and comfort/III was made…


This is a bit confusing as I would have expected safe and standby to be a pair…

I love that question, it comes up every few training sessions etc.

Think about it very very very carefully…

Safe in heating terms means you don’t want the zone getting too cold and freezing. (Preventing frozen pipework for example)

Whereas Standby in cooling terms means you don’t want it getting too hot.

But yes, maybe they could both be called a Safe mode?

maybe they can just put the safe mode on the top in the GUI… leave everything else working as is… it would make a more logical (in my mind) overview…

Safe Standby
Day I
Night II
Comfort III

(although I can assure you that max setting on the AC does not equal comfort :wink: )

“Try a different Post Code”

I’ve never used the Air Con in my car !!!

and the further annoying thing is that day mode equals II and night mode equals I… so when you program it you are like…

day mode… temp needs to be a bit lower… night mode temp can be a bit higher… (AC wise)

but then in the presets it maps like:

while this would be a more logical mapping: