Schemerschakelaar / twilight switch

Does anyone have experience with an outdoor twilght switch (schemerschakelaar). I want one that can switch on exterior light BUT especially control the blinds or indoor lighting should be possible.
So I mean a 2channel PIT detector with twilight switch that can be connected to the VMB6IN


I’m looking for the same

Maybe it can be done with: Velleman KIT MK125 Schemerschakelaar

Can anyone confirm it?

It can be done with the MK125. You need to connect the NO contact of the MK125 to 2 inputs of a relay module. Next, you connect the outputs of the relays to the UP and DOWN inputs of the blind module.
Configure one relay as START/STOP timer and configure the other relay as a ‘trigger on release’-timer.
The minimum delay is fine for both timers.

Hello. I build and use the Velleman twilight switch kit (MK125) in a solarcell system. It is functioning perfect and does not oscillate because of a build in hysteris circuit. It is cheaper to buy the kit instead buying the lose components and build your own board. The manual is very clear and it can be build by anyone with a little feeling for electronics, you don’t have to be a electronic engineer. You have to remind that the used onboard relay is suitable for max. 24V-5Amp only. So when you want to switch mains voltages you have to use another relais or a extra external relais suitable to switch the 230V mainsvoltage or a external triac. When the onboard relais is activated, the kit uses maximum 100mA from a external 12Vd.c. power supply. The LDR (lightsensor) can be mounted several meters away from the kit, f.i. in a other room. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. W.n.r. Huub.