Security and Occupancy PIR, Smoke Sensors

I’m at the learning stage trying to see if I can use Velbus to replace a ~25 year old Lonworks system currently installed in my house (see below).

There are some nice features in the current system which I’d like to replicate:

  • the light switch input nodes have input connectors for an analog signal from internal security PIRs so they can detect an incursion, broken wires, tamper etc. There is a security system node with an output for siren box etc that has the various alarm modes like stay/away/off etc.
  • the same nodes with the analog connections can also be wired up to DC powered smoke sensors - once again a genuine alarm vs a nonfunctional sensor can be detected as this is an analog signal. When triggered they switch on lights and chirp the security sirens to wake sleeping occupants.
  • we also connect these analog inputs to external PIRs to control external path lighting - I see there is a Velbus device where the PIR and network node are bundled together, but our external PIRs just have a run of alarm style cable between the PIR and the nearest light switch node (no network cable)
  • the light switch nodes can also have a mini PIR (approx 10mm diameter) fitted into the face plate to control occupancy lighting for the room.
  • and finally the nodes can also connect to a DS18B20 temperature sensor to provide a periodic reading to the climate control node.

What are the options in Velbus that I can look to configure ?


NB: the original supplier was bought out by Schneider Electric who no longer support it. It also communicates with RS485 which has been discontinued as an official Lonworks channel type. Some of the nodes have failed so we are probably looking a progressive loss of functionality as time goes on.
And I’d have to buy a new version of the configuration software $$$ if I want to change anything.
So lots of reasons to change.


First and most important questions…

  • Do you want to keep the current switchgear and just swap the back end to Velbus?
    Or do you want to move to Glass Panels?
  • Does your current system use the Biticino mounting plates?

The new VMB6PB-20 might be an interesting option

But if you want an input and an output, take a look at VMB1RYS

Same answer as above

Unless you want to put a put they input module in your cabinet, look at the VMB8IN

If you don’t want to replace your external PIRs (but please consider it, as the functionality is a world apart)

You could use the VMB8IN or a VMB1IN or VMB1RYS

There is a version of both styles of Glass panels which has a PIR sensor built in, but again, these are so much more than just a movement sensor


EVERY Velbus glass panel has a full HVAC thermostat built in.

Look at the end of this video for how to set these up

Please ask whatever questions you need, there are plenty of similar questions on this forum we can point you to or happy to create a basic drawing for you.