Send Velbus commands from Logitech Harmony Remote

I have a Logitech Harmony Remote 785 and I want to use it with my Velbus.

I don’t have the Velbus remote, so I can’t learn my Harmony remote.
I can’t find Velbus in the list of compatible devices.

Does anybody have a good solution to get it to work? I did already some tests with other Velleman devices (blogged about it earlier). I even could find some IR codes, but it’s a pain in the *ss to set all up :frowning:

I also have IRTrans, an IR receiver/transmitter for my PC, so if I could pick up an IR there and translate this to a Velbus packed that would be a solution too… but this needs some kind of VelbusPackedSender exe tool … I could write something like that, but it’s definately a lot of work :frowning:

Any hints are welcome :wink:

To be able to ‘program’ your Logitech remote you will need a VMBIRTS since that’s the only possible way. It would be great if we could get the VMBIRTS into the database of available remotes.


Have you tackled the remote problem already? I see you’r from Antwerp, I bought a velbus remote with the intent of using it to “teach” a universal remote. Haven’t tried it though. But if you want you’r welcome to try using my velbus remote.

Hi Cantryn,

Thanks for the kind offer. Although I don’t need it anymore because I found a workaround:

In order to use a harmony you can use the “Velleman K8050 Lichtcontroller”: these commands also seem to mimic the VMBIRTS remote.
If I remember right the buttons 9 to 16 do match the 8 buttons on the remote.

I hope Logitech adds the VMBIRTS remote into the database though.

Hi all,

The velbus IR receiver (VMB4PD) has been added to the Logitech Harmony database!

Select device: “Home Automation” -> “Light Controller”, manufacturer “Velbus”, Model “VMB4PD”


with Logitech Harmony® 600 Remote (