Set temp command to vmbgpod

Hey i’m trying to send a set temp command (E4) to a vmbgpod, but the module is not doing anything with it …

the databytes are like this:
E4 00 0E 00 00 00 FF

Is that the exact command you are sending? You are missing start and end byte, parity, checksum, …

This is an example that works for me:
0F FB 31 08 EA 10 04 00 2C 24 00 00 6F 04


no those are only the data bytes for the command

this is the full command:
0F FB 14 07 E4 00 14 00 00 00 FF E4 04

in your example you are sending the EA command, i just want to set the target temperature, so i’m using the E4 command …

iemand die wat kan helpen?

You’re still sending the wrong command, the 0xE4 command only takes 3 databytes;


The databytes should therefore be E4 00 14. which would set the target temp to 10 °C.


Kind regards