SIGNUM - supports IP cameras?

Hi. Can Signum support image of IP cameras, as HIS does? Is there any description of the Signum actual functionalities at this time? Thanks

Here we go again… 13 views and nothing! Is it an idiot question? It seems that Signum isn’t capable after all and 'll simply buy HIS, that can. Thanks for the support guys, have a great time.

Sorry if you feel that your question hasn’t been addressed.

The short answer is, no.
Signum just isn’t setup for video support, as aren’t the majority of other platforms.

Video over IP is very much a peer to peer solution, the best you’ll ever get is a middleware platform to hold the addresses and links needed to open the video stream / jpeg captures etc.

Some kind of remote control of the video source.

Signum just isn’t targeted at that market.

If you want high level functionality, you’ll need to invest cash into platforms like control4, OpenRemote or Triggr

There are conversations about CCTV on openHAB and HomeAssistant

Keep in mind that Signum is designed to support Velbus, if you want more, you’ll need more than Signum is designed to offer.


1 day to get a reply on a specific question / use case is asking a lot from a community forum, regardless of how many (Bot) views your question gets.

There are other channels if you need SL2 grade support with your Velbus hardware.

If it makes you feel any better, my post about attending an exhibition in the UK had 108 views and not a single comment

The same post on the openHAB forum got over 180 views, without a single comment.

I never expected anyone to take time out and stand by me / us for the duration of the event, but I would have liked a message of support / encouragement.

Such is the world we live in now.

I heard it described recently as
A world full of people who speak, but very few who listen or engage
(Mainly referring to platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn)

Hi MDAR and thanks again for taking time to reply, on my short forum history, you’re the one that has better clarifed things for me. THANK YOU!
Naturally I’m not at a level of information as most of you are, and if the forum is the best means to obtain answers and is part of the official Velbus suport system, why do Velbus employees take so long to answer?
I understand your explanation regarding Signum but I would expect, because HIS has existed for some time, that Signum wouldn’t have reduced functionality when compared.
HIS can open a vídeo window, which is what I need, Signum can’t. That’s all I wanted to know.

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Excellent, I’m glad you are happy.

Simply not enough of them to meet the demand.
Nothing more.
Which is why I’m more than happy to step in and fill the gap where I can.

Well… HomeCenter is a different product, produced by an external company with different objectives.

Signum is a Velbus product, designed to support Velbus hardware first, with others to follow.

I hope that helps you.

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I have connected Velbus to both openHab and Home Assistant - in Home Assistant I also embedded by Synology driven camera’s (hikvision) … this allows me to control Velbus from HA (or OH) based on the video feed… a lot of people are putting in an external GPU on HA to do Ai modelling - effectively (well its not that effective actually) determining people in the camera feed and switch stuff based on that…

but the model is not fully trained… and dogs, cats, mice are often mis-interpreted for humans