Signum TIME SYNC Issue


I need some help to solve the issue with my VMBSIG Signum and Time Sync.
Signum it´s set to 0:00 Europe/Lisbon. I Sync the time and the time it´s set fine for the correct time, but at midnight add plus one hour to the time previously set.

Could you send us a mail at with the ID of the Signum. We’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

I had the same issue in the beginning. It looks like there is an issue after configuring time sync and time zone. After rebooting/restarting the signum it seemed to work. (maybe even cut the power once?)


I have disconnected Signum, Power Off, and the time is not set correctly. I have the same plus 1 Hour, for my time.
Since now for my DST wintertime, it´s UTC +0 and summertime it´s DST +1 I think there is some issue with DST.

After a power outage, time sync did not work. Not at startup when power was on again, not that night, and not after a restart the day after, and not that night after the restart. Any progress on fixing this issue please?

Consider to send us a message on with your Signum ID. We’ll look into this.