Smart exhaust hood (slimme afzuigkap)

I would like to know if it is possible with Velbus (without the homecenter) to make a smart exhaust hood that is capable of:

  • Detect when you are cooking and then opens a the valve. And adjust the speed of the ven to 50%
  • Buttons for adjust the power of the HRV unit. 3 modes: normal 40%, 70% 100% (overrides the cooking sensor for 60min )
  • Led feedback to see the valve is open and the fan speed of the HRV unit
  • Detect when your finished with cooking and after 15 minutes closes the valve and if needed lower the fan speed to normal speed.
  • Button to manualy override the cooking sensor for 60 min and opens the valve
  • Button to manualy override the cooking sensor for 60 min and closes the valve and lower the fan to normal speed

with the following components:

VMB7IN 7-KANAALS INGANGSMODULE (for cooking sensor)
VMB4DC 4-KANAALS 0(1)…10V CONTROLLER (controlling the HRV unit)
VMB4RYNO 4-KANAALS RELAISMODULE (controlling the air valve)
VMB8PBU 8-KANAALS DRUKKNOPMODULE (connecting to the buttons on the exhaust hood)

Humidity sensor. (Does the VMB7IN also powers the module or do you need external power source? Does somebody know a good sensor for this purpose? When your cooking on electric then switching on the stove can also trigger a sensor. What kind of sensor this will be?)

led buttons or if possible use the led button on a default exhaust hood

electric air valve 230V

HRV unit—Rev-C.aspx
(Heat recovery ventilation with two 1-10V inputs )


Are you still looking for a solution for this issue?

I’ve done something similar for a client in the past with an AEG extractor.

Although the AEG interface was pretty good to start with.

I’m more than happy to help.