Smart starter guide to Velbus protocol

Should I continue this guide ?

  • Yes, even if informations are in official Velbus documentation
  • Yes, with programmation example
  • No, it’s enough
  • No, it’s not useful (don’t help me)

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Just because I know that beginning from scratch could be hard : here is a small help I’ve written to help those who want to create nice Velbus applications !

Hope that will help you to understand official documentations

Edit 03/02/2011 : added information about connexion between Velbus and Ethernet (through server).
Edit 11/08/2011 : added information about checksum and some modules.

Thanks! Did’nt read fully it either but very good idea and VERY interesting!!!

More… more…
Nice job Golfy!

Thanks, then I will add some examples and help (maybe with help of other programer enthousiats on this forum) :slight_smile:

Great initiative, Golfy! I’m sure a lot of people on the forum will appreciate this!

Sorry if nothing was posted before, but between my office works (is taking more than reasonnable time), my family and my Velbus projects (VelbusCmd, Teo-Tea, FTP, …) book writing is less priority.

But here is new adds about Velbus protocol :