Socket server mode gone?

Is it correct that VelbusLink doesn’t have a socket server mode anymore to connect to the velbus though socket? For years now Velman said on this forum we had to wait for a dedicated server that is under development …
Now I read somewhere that one have to buy Home Center in order to connect using a socket connection. So my own made tools doing the same then Home Center can’t be used anymore except when I pay 250€ for a tool that I don’t need?

There must be a alternative, no?

My thoughts exactly!
I’m writing my own server in .Net at the moment since I lost all hope Velleman would publish a reliable version with the shift to Home Center. At the moment I’m using Vellbuslink 6, but it’s not exactly a marvel of stability…
If I get it done, could take a while since I have to little time at the moment, I’ll post the source here.

In the meantime I’m still hoping Velleman is developing an affordable din-mount server, I know it’s a long shot but a man can dream right?
If I knew more about linux development I would try it myself using some router hardware but I simply don’t have the time to pick up the skills to pull off something like that.

my linux server is still working (still no crashes) but I’m thinking of trying the following:
a vmbrs and a s2e from texas instruments ( with a slightly modificated soft on it. This would result in a “cheap” solution (2x +/-50€) and could work as a server and as a client. Don’t know for now what I’m going to do first (read other topic).

ps: software modification is needed to cut the packets into pieces (frames) otherwise it happens a lot that when transfering over ethernet, the frames are sticked together and velbus can’t do anything with them.

Nice to hear other people have the same thoughts. May be we can stick together to create our own socket server? Anyone prepaired to open-source his software? I’m always in for collaboration - although not for server soft but rather client soft.

My soft is already somewhere here on the forum, so I think it’s pretty open source … For now it works under linux, but I think it can be ported to windows as well (to run as a service not a visuall app).

:exclamation: By popular demand it has been decided that a server mode/application will be included again in VelbusLink

Great! Does this mean we have to wait a little longer for the new release?

I thought used an Arduino board to communicate avecVelbus. Someone, he has already done?

Why would you use an Arduino? There are serial and USB interface available and software for windows and thanks to jeroends also for linux… I guess one could try to use the netwerk board for arduino, but from what I have seen about it, it doesn’t seem well documented.

That s2E looks like a great piece of kit, very tempted to order one and play around with it… Would be great if we could build one of those and a serial interface into a din mount module. But then again, I got a couple of windows servers online 24/7, so writing my own .net service would be much easier.
I’m fairly certain it’s posible to program the s2e to act as a standalone velbus socket server, but programming C for ARM is something I have never done and I don’t know how complicated the SDK is.

Nice this would be included again in the VelbusLink software.

It would be enough to have some command line params to set a project/usb port/server mode.
Now 'm using an old version of VelbusLink and use autohotkey in order to load the right usb port, project file and set the server mode. That’s pretty bloaded, so a startup with parameters would be great!

in the mean time I’ve received an s2e from TI (see above) it 's working but only half on the vmbrsusb. Sending works but when I rteceive the data it’s completely messed up (when trying other applications rather than velbus all works fine). So my question to velleman: what kind of output circuit do u use, a icl3223 or max232 like to get the levels right or simply straight thrue?

I did not find the server mode back in Velbuslink 8. Although this feature was promised to be added again.
Any news on this?

Thanks a lot.

ps: Velbuslink 8 really rocks nevertheless :wink:

[quote=“GertSt”]I did not find the server mode back in Velbuslink 8. Although this feature was promised to be added again.
Any news on this?

Thanks a lot.

ps: Velbuslink 8 really rocks nevertheless :wink:[/quote]

a server mode in Velbuslink 8 would be great!

Hello Velbus? Please just give us fair feedback on this …
How can we take Vebus serious if plans and promises are made but not worked out?

I want to know the real status on this as I want to create real products on Velbus.


The configuration part of the software has been given priority, since it is important that this works well

Sounds fair to me. Any status/timeframe/priority level on the server part?

Well, not yet, at the moment we’re adding the VMB4DC and four new pushbutton modules