Software release 9.41

I’ve installed today the new software release 9.41, but now i have a ‘terminator’ shown on all the VMBDMI modules and i can’t remove them.

In the toolbar of the Project Navigation tree, there is a button that toggles this terminator. This does not mean that there is a terminator or that it will act as if there is a terminator, it is simply a ‘memo’ that you can set yourself.

Yes, on other modules i can toggle this action, but not on the VMBDMI modules… here the terminator is shown as ‘set’ and when i click on the terminator button in the navigation tree then the ‘terminator’ is not removed in the project.

We have implemented a bugfix that should solve this issue. When opening the project you may still see the terminators enabled, but disabling them should be saved correctly. It is recommended that you perform a full write of the VMBDMI modules. …