Software to document the schematic diagram of the installation,

Is there any good software (obviously open source) for making schematic diagram of the installation? Ideally something with library of the modules. My normal software would be LibreOffice Draw or KiCAD, but if there is a library with predefined velbus modules I could use something else. If there is nothing ready to use we might talk about making a library of parts for an open source software.


I use Yed by YWorks, some of my peers use Visio.

Yed doesn’t have a Velbus library built in, but it’s very easy to add icons.
SVG ones work particularly well.

When I’m in my office tomorrow, I’ll see if I can export the library I’ve created.

However, if you are submitting drawings to the local Spanish authorities, it might be worth finding out if they have a minimum requirement?

Some of the drawings I’ve seen recently are “precise” to put it mildly. (Not like the stuff that gets done (or not done) in the UK)

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I’ve exported my Velbus section to GitHub so that you can take a look at it.

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That’s perfect - thank you! I’ll try to keep the authorities as far away from my Velbus as I can :grinning:
I want to have a detailed documentation of what is where for future reference - that’s it. I expect that the installation will get fairly complicated over time.

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I’d rather they see it in full swing and DEMAND that all other installs are done the same way please.

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