Some doubts regarnding VMB4PB

Dear Staff, good morning.

I am doing some experiments with the VMB4PB.
Particularly, I am testing the program mode to generate automatic commands.
I am referring to the 20 programs available, in which is possible to define the day of the event, the time of the event and the commands where the event is applied.
After some trials with bad result (meaning “no result at all!”), my understanding is that the automated commands can be generated only if the actuator that should receive the command (VMB1RY, VMB1DM…) is set as timer, while does not work if it is set as toggle, for example.

Can somebody confirm?

From the user’s manual It seems to me that should be as I said, but it sounds a bit bizarre to me.

Thanks a lot for an answer.

Best regads.

Dear Cristianho,

Hereby a brief summary of the email conversation regarding the VMB4PD, as it might be useful for other users too.

The timer function actually simulates a push of a button, so if the push button works, the timer should work
The relay module can be set in any function
First enter your timer step, and select the button(s) that must use this step
Then do not forget to activate the button(s) using the “timer on/off” menu

This “timer on/off” option makes it easy to connect a button or to remove a button from a timed action
We are constantly updating our manuals on our web site, the English is not perfect yet.
Please check the application example and the long version of the user manual.