Some help required

hi new to this fourm i am looking for some info i want to switch on my lights in my livingroom,hall,kitchen and bed rooms using my ipad can any one give me information on the part numbers that i will require to do this thanks

Velbus Home Automation

Basic :

  • one power (VMB1TR)
  • one regulation (VMB3PS)
  • one 4 relais module (VMB4RY) for each 4 lamps
  • one interface between Velbus bus and a PC (VMB1USB)

After, you’ve to install a program that act as a bridge between Ethernet (IP network) and the PC wich has the VMB1USB module (they’re many on this forum : linux, Windows…)

Then, you can now use a program on ipad that can address Velbus modules (I suppose there is an application).