Some questions

Hello all,

I’m looking into using the Velbus system to equip my new house with, however, I have some questions before I take the plunge:

  • Does the USB-module work under Linux? I’m not really interested in a functioning library (although it could be handy if someone already has it :wink: ) since I’m quite capable to program it myself using the protocol description, but does the module use a standard USB to serial converter? I prefer using the USB-module above the RS232.
  • I have no idea how many modules I would use but what is the suggested method to work with the 12V power supply if you have a decentralized setup? I like the idea of using UTP-cable but if you have more then 10 modules it is suggested you use the 4 pairs doubled, which in my mind makes it possible to use 20 modules. If I have for example 3 or 4 distribution cabinets in my house, can I just put a sufficient power supply in each of them and link together the 0V?

And then a bit unrelated to Velbus, but I guess someone here might know:
Does anyone have any experience with dimming LED-lighting? I found this after some googling:
I think this should work with the dimmer module. Does anyone have other experiences? While I was dreaming a bit I was also thinking about color changing LED’s. Any ideas on how a possible controlling with the Velbus could make this happen?

Sorry, we do not have any Linux-experience.
Regarding the power supplies, you are correct, you can have power supplies in each cabinet with GND interconnected.
On our list of future modules, there is a 0-10V module, so led-dimmers that require 0-10V at the input will work with the Velbus.

If I choose to only connect only the GND, does the USB module draw power from the USB-bus? Or does it also require a power supply?

Any idea when new modules can be expected? Couple of months, years, …?

USB module also requires power, because it is galvanically separated from the bus, for safety reasons.
A timeframe for new modules has not been released yet.

That seperation is probably for the best for me :smiley:

Related to the dimmer: can you safely attach different types of lights (eg. halogen and regular bulb) to one dimmer as long as you stay under the power limit?

You can mix resistive with inductive or resistive with capacitive, but not inductive with capacitive loads…