Somfy stores with velbus

I want to buy sun stores from Somfy for 10 windows.

I have been installing several Velbus systems in several houses, among which a house where I used VMB2BLE in combination with roller shutters with motors that have 4 wires. But these Somfy motors do not have 4 wires.

Is it possible to integrate Somfy sun stores in a velbus system without too much work? I want to steer my sun stores centrally.

Hi, just connect vmb2ble directly to the motor wires,(no need for any extra items) if you need indoor “vouwgordijnen”, then let me know, because we have super system at only 30% of the somfy system :smiley:

I have a Somfy Sunscreen on my overhead roof window (6m by 1 m window in a flat roof). I connected it directly to a VMB2BLE, works perfectly. Somfy always offers Somfy remote control as standard. They do not offer without, but you can ask to not deliver the remote control. You get a wiring diagram from them how to use the three wires. You connect the VMB2BLE as you would connect a manual switch for opening and closing the shutters. The shutters have end contacts, so they cut out the motor on full travel. Meaning the VMB2BLE can work as with any other shutter, i.e. you program a time that is sufficient for a full travel and add a bit to it. The contacts stop the shutters at the ends of the run.

You should only need 3 wires. 2 out of the four wires should be a common connection so you only need three wires.

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What kind of Somfy motor does your overhead roof window have?

@Pieterm. Sorry for taking that long to reply. I have not specified a motor. I believe it is the standard motor. Somfy delivered the screen without the RF control module. So the terminals are available for wiring to VELBUS. The internal end of run switches are still there and stop the motor on end of run even if the velbus module still powers the motor. So this works like any other sunscreen.

I must say there was a bit of confusion with them in the beginning, they seem to think the screen cannot be delivered without the RF control module. But on closer inspection by the smarter of the bunch, they realized they can remove the RF control module and charge the same price, which they did.