Statusrequest VMB4RY

I am using a couple of VMB4RY Relais, and I all works fine with my push buttons. But now I want to control them with my PC. I downloaded the velbus lib and the demo applications to do some tests.
For the moment I am able to switch on and off my Relais( very easy because it was in the example) but now I want to get the status of the Relais. Is there anyone how can help?
From what I understand you have to send first command ‘FA’ . But where do I find the replay of this request? Should it be in the packet databytes? Maybe a little piece of code could help because I am not so familiar with c#.

Hi Jan,

Any updates on this? I’m looking to do the same thing …


As you may already seen: I posted an adapted c# program that can react to events:

I added some code to log all messages. If you add an if-clause there, you can check for the status of your relais.

I’m writing a test tool to check for pressed buttons and trigger MCE play/pause buttons on MCE. I’ll post if I have some news about that. This makes it possible to play audio from your vellbus :slight_smile: