Strange behavior of the VMB1DMDC dimmer

I have this dimmer working on the velbus VMB4DC controller. Everything works normal except when the lights are switched off, the lamp (standard 60W lamp) dims to 0 and then shortly swiches on and off one time. (flashing)
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


I think this will occur when the triac stops firing, maybe due to snubber filter circuit.
Give it a try with another lamp or without the long wires, so we can see if that’s the problem or not.

ok i will try this weekend

I have changed lamps and used an other dimmer channels but with no luck. If I set the dimmer from 100% to 1%, the lamp goes out without flashing. If I go then from 1% to 0% the lamp just flashes ones.

I cannot see if the problem comes from the velbus dimmer VMB4DC or the dimmer VMB1DMDC

Mostly the problem could be the VMB1DMDC
Please send the unit back to us for checkup and/or repear via your dealer.