Strange problem with dimming module VMBDME


I’m trying to create a switch on my VMBGPOD whereby some of the lights go on. My goal is to set up a lightning mood in the house with just one click on that specific switch.
One of the modules that has to tick on is the VMBDME.
I set it up with action number 8 (dimming mood 50%) on the vmbdme as a result. Everything works fine in the beginning: when i tap on the vmbgpod entry, the selected lights go on and the vmbdme switches on my dimmable to a percentage of 50%
So far so good.

But I want to program this same entry on 2 other vmbgpod’s. So I just program the 2n and the 3rd vmbgpod with the exact same results (just a copy of my previous programmation)
Now the strange thing happens: only the last vmbgpod I programmed, switches on the vmbdme to a percentage of 50% light strength. The 1st and 2nd one I programmed don’t work anymore: when I tap these ones, the vmbdme switches one to a 100% light strenght, while I clearly programmed it to go on 50%.

When i reprogram one of the ones who don’t work anymore, this specific one will work again (goes to 50%), but all of the sudden the other 2 go to 100% (even the one that worked fine a few minutes ago, while i didn’t even manipulated it anymore)…

Looks like i can only program this action on 1 vmbgpod simultaneously, but I can’t believe that… Does anyone know what I need to do to resolve this?
Thank you

Hi you’ll have to wait for official advice from the Velbus team, but knowing how the Protocol operates, I’d say it’s more to do with how your VMBDME is responding to the button events on the bus.

Each time you make a change, the only real difference is how the VMBDME is programmed, which explains why it’s reacting only to the latest programming.

Which version of Velbuslink are you using? This sounds as if Velbuslink writes incorrectly to the VMBDME.
In case you are not using the latest Velbuslink, try to write the DME with that and see if that solves the problem.

Thanks for the fast response.

I was using an older version, just installed the latest release and reprogrammed the VMBDME (i deleted the previous actions, and just entered them again in the new velbus link), but i didn’t change a thing.
I’m still facing the same problem…

You may have to set the VMBDME to factory defaults first, full write that (untick “write changes only”), and then make the actions.
What build (firmware) is the VMBDME?