Strange problem with VMBGPxx

Something stranged happened 2 days in a row. These are the first 2 days in my new house, so it basically happened every evening :slight_smile:
At around 8pm some of the VMBGPxx’s just don’t work anymore:

The problem occurs on 3 of my 12 switches, these same 3 switches had the same problem yesterday:

  • if I click on the glass panel, i still hear the clicking sound, but the corresponding light doesn’t turn on.
  • Strangely enough, on one of the 3 switches the 2nd page of the glass panel does work, while page 1 doenst work. Page 1 concerns the lights (doenst work anymore), page 2 concerns my sunscreens (still works). Scrolling through the pages is also no problem.
  • On another of the 3 switches (this is a VMBGP2W) the left switch doenst work, while the other one works just fine. This is the same problem as yesterday evening.
  • When i simulate the switches/buttons via Velbuslink, every switch works just fine. I only have this problem when I input the signal directly via the switch.

Any idea what is going wrong? This is very frustrating…

Edit: I just noticed another strange thing: While the ‘light switches’ on one of the malfunctioning glass panels don’t work correctly, the macro function ‘every lights off’ does work normally. This macro is located on the same page of the glass panels as the light switches.

Another problem that shows up, just like yesterday: in my garage, the light is automatically turned on via a moving sensor. A few hours ago this worked fine, but now when the light is turned on (via the sensor), it doens’t switch off. Basically the relay just keeps turned on and doesn’t switch off no more.

Edit: it appears this switch just has the same problem. Like the other ones they don’t react on an impuls. Just like the glass panels partially don’t react to an impuls, the moving sensor doesn’t react to movement. Like the other switches, I can activate this via my Velbuslink…

Problems like these are usually caused by physical cable problems (bad contact, cable broken, …) and/or terminator problems (too many, not enough, …, ideally there are 2 terminators in A Velbus installation at the furthest points).

If you find the solution, please post back, can be interesting for other users and/or future reference…

I contacted one of your colleagues by Phone. They told me it was probably a cable problem.
I checked all of the contacts on my switches and now the problem is gone for about 5 days. I hope indeed it was a cable problem. It looks like it is fixed now!