Suggestions box ! add your suggestions to Velbus here

If users and developpers can share ideas, it could be the right place to do that…
Velbus guys, I let you choose (and delete my post) a way to exchange with users and Velbus team…

**1st suggestion : **
Velbus movement detector
Example : a module able to detect movement and light quantity (LUX). Possibility to have a programmation like “< 10 LUX then light-up the lamp” or “20:00<x<06:00 then light-up dimmed lamp 25%”, etc.

2nd suggestion :
Implement condition (IF… ELSE) in VelbusLink or other part.

  • TCP2Velbus server running as a service.
  • TCPServer module allowing multiple TCPClient to access the velbus network.

About temp controller, in many country there is a pilot wiring (“fil pilote” in French) --> Velbus shoud create a 7 zones relay with 6 orders “driver wiring”. Official order :

  • 230V full = eco or reduce (Confort -3°C)
  • 0V = confort
  • 230V half negative = frozen
  • 230V half positive = stop
  • 230V sometime = Confort -1°C (3" 230V / 4’57 0V) or Confort -2°C (7" 230V / 4’53 0V)

At least confort or eco is easy (black wire of heater on VMB4RY --> 4 zones)

An other suggestion : having a full range of 12-18v sensor :

  • able to be connected on BUS power
  • NO or NC contact (compatibility with WMB6IN or WMB8PB)

==> light sensor, movment sensor, humidity sensor, smoke sensor, IR sensor, noise sensor… and every Velleman kit sensor :wink:

  • urgent need of a tcp/ip or socket server. Now we have to run Velbuslink 6 in server mode. that’s qiute some hassle as this tool is not intended to be used as a server/service…
  • how about a javascript sdk/api? Being able to write html5 apps would be awesome.